Frequently asked questions

Where will my ads show up?

Your ads will only show up when relevant keywords are searched on Google.

What keywords are selected for the campaign?

We'll work with you to pick keywords that are related to your business. Then, our team will use this information to develop a successful campaign.

Where can I see my reports?

You will be able to view your report through Business Center once the product is active.

What happens if I cancel?

Upon cancellation: - All content will be removed. - All links will be removed.


Innovative Technology that Generates REAL Customers

Google is the world's most popular search engine: It processes an impressive of 63,000 searches per second every day. A significant portion of these searches come from consumers ready to buy. They're searching for things like "dentist near me" or "physical therapy for lower back pain NYC", and you can use this information in your favor.

Promote your business across search engines, social media and other websites that are relevant to your customers. At the end of each month, we'll show you the number of phone calls or visits. After all you're not advertising to get impressions or clicks - you're doing it to get more patients.

It's more than just impressions and clicks - it's REAL Potential Customers​

WE TARGET ONLY THE BEST OPPORTUNITIES: Advertising to everyone is expensive and inefficient. Instead, we use cutting-edge technologies to promote your business to a hyper-targeted audience, including competitors' customers, people nearby, past customers, and more - without compromising consumer privacy along the way.

✓ Fully Managed service - let us do the work so you can quickly
see an improvement in organic search results.

✓ Track phone calls and visits*

✓ Don't get sidetracked with impressions and clicks - you want real

patients booking.

✓ Let us take care of it all for you

Our experienced advertising professionals will take care of all the heavy lifting for you,

including creating campaigns, designing graphics, targeting the right people,

reviewing data to optimize over time and generating reports so you know it's working.


Let's work together

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