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Many times, health professionals think that it doesn't take much to have an excellent online presence. However, as in other sectors, digital marketing has become crucial to the financial success of a variety of health care professionals and companies.

However, to improve patient flow and achieve higher conversions, standard digital marketing techniques may not be enough. The application of prime medical practice marketing in NYC is essential. You must know the most effective strategies to boost your conversions.

Top 5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Medical Practices

1. NAP

To make an extraordinary NY medical marketing, you have to focus your efforts on attracting the local audience. In that sense, your contact information plays a vital role in proper positioning. You must make sure that your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) appears the same everywhere you have a digital presence. If your address says "Street" on one social network and "Sreet." on another, they are two different businesses for search engines. This standardization will make you more viewable, and you'll get more local traffic.

2. Accounts, Directories & Lists

Local directories are an excellent source of potential customers. Keep in mind that nowadays, 40% of the searches for medical services are local, and search engines go to these listings to answer the SERPs. Having your account on Google My Business and Google Maps is a must. Besides, you must sign up for all the lists of services you can, such as Yelp, Angielist, Nextdoor, and Geolocal247, among others.

3. Reviews


Your patient's opinion is crucial for a perfect medical practice advertising and marketing. While you may have some testimonials on your site, users often find them unreliable. A more effective tactic is to encourage your current patients to make their comments and ratings on Google, on your portal, on the lists, or your social networks. Your potential customers will always trust the opinion of your current customers more than anything you have to say to them. You can offer discounts or some other benefit as an incentive for expressing their opinion.

4. Branding

For the medical practice industry, a web portal is essential, but perhaps not the most important. In fact, in the medical sector and local searches, your website's contribution to conversions is only about 20%. It is more effective to develop a good community around your brand in the different social networks where you are present. You must implement a content strategy on each platform that provides value to users, and also encourages interaction, the resolution of their doubts, and the raising of relevant aspects of your medical or therapeutic specialty.

5. Ads

Last but not least, your ideal NYC healthcare marketing would not be complete without the development of SEM campaigns that attract traffic to your channels. For the development of this strategy, the selection of keywords is crucial. You have to take into account that a patient often does not know what kind of specialist they are looking for, so the keyword "back pain" can be more effective than "chiropractic," for instance.

Get the Greatest Medical Practice Marketing in NYC

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