Patient Journey Begins Online - Convert New Patients for Your Practice

Measurable success requires a holistic approach to optimization and engagement at all stages of the patient journey to treatment. In the age of consumer-driven healthcare, patients expect seamless, personalized, and highly intuitive online experiences — as such, your ability to recognize and quickly address areas of weakness in your digital strategy will likely dictate whether a new patient books an appointment or heads for the digital door.

Here are five common pain points for medical practices, along with some tips and tricks to improve outcomes and boost your digital marketing Return on Investment.

1. Online Visibility

80% of patients used the internet to make a healthcare-related search. It still starts with interest and awareness. What are the things you currently do to generate awareness and interest from new and existing patients? Make sure you're doing everything to boost your online visibility.

2. Digital Ad Campaigns

63% of patients searching online will choose one provider over another because of a strong online presence. After building awareness, people start discovering more with search engines. There are more places than ever where people are searching for providers. It's not just Google either. There are apps, directories, voice searches, and GPS... lots of places. Do you know how findable your practice is online? What places are you aware of? No matter how much you invest in your Google Ads campaign, if you don't take the proper approach to a message, targeting, and performance tracking, it's not likely you're going to see much of a Return on Investment.

3. Online Reputation

60% of patients searching online have chosen one provider over another based on a positive online reputation. Reviews are often the first thing showcased in Google search results and Social Media. What's your average review score? Do you have any negative reviews that you're aware of? How have you taken care of them? Increase trust and convert more customers by correcting online listings and responding to the most important online reviews from your patients.

4. Mobile Optimization

45% of patients prefer to use digital methods to request an appointment. They are looking for quick, easy ways to book an appointment or call your practice. Is your website making it really easy to convert for people to become your patient? Search engine friendly and mobile responsive websites are key to convert new patients.

5. Experience and Patient Retention

82% ranked customer service as the most important factor influencing their loyalty to a provider. It's important to do everything you can to encourage happy patients to return again and tell others about you. Let them know to write you a review, post on social media, and of course, invite them back.

Invest in digital marketing for your medical practice and see the results you wanted.

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