One Place for Everything Online Reputation Management
Monitor and Manage all Online Reviews
  • Monitor and Manage Reviews
  • Get Instant Alerts
  • Track and Complete Review Management Tasks
  • Benchmark Against Competitors
Respond Directly to Reviews from the Dashboard
  • Respond to the most important reviews from the dashboard
  • Receive intelligently recommended responses for every Google and Facebook review
Artificial Intelligence Insights
Harness the power of AI to analyze online reviews and dig deeper into customer sentiment.
  • Discover top trending keywords
  • See a timeline of notable moments in customer opinion
  • Drill into specific reviews
Manage all Google Q&A Activity
  • Increase client engagement
  • Be alerted to new questions for quick action
  • Ensure existing questions have accurate answers
Get Found Online
Increase trust and convert more customers by correcting online listings.
  • Follow prescriptive changes to make improvements
  • Compare the practice to the industry
Use Real Reviews to Convert More Patients
Allow happy patients to do the talking and help increase trust. Display real patient testimonials.
  • Click the Share button to show off the best reviews on Social Networks
Never Miss a Mention of Your Business Online
Reputation Management searches every nook of the web, including blogs, news sources and social media networks and finds every mention of the business. This creates opportunities to highlight the positive mentions or deal with the negative offline.
  • Set up keyword search terms to receive relevant industry content
  • Understand if the mention is positive, neutral or negative so you can take action
Keep an Eye on the Competition
Leverage competitive insights for your business to get ahead. Compare your business with other industry leaders.

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