Quickly Increase Your Clinic's Website Rank with Onsite and Offsite Search Engine Optimization Tactics.

Our SEO Tactics is a fast and effective service that adds high quality content with authority to your website. The network will address important ranking signals used to determine the value and relevancy of your website for a selection of keywords.

We've taken an algorithmic approach to keeping pace with Google and developed a network that helps Business Owners like you build on their existing sites and connect with each other. The network will get you the content you need to rank and authority inbound links from competitors and business in your category.

✓ Fully Managed service - let us do the work so you can quickly
see an improvement in organic search results.

✓ Links, content and search engine placement of your keywords can 

be reviewed at any time through transparent reporting.

✓ The network automatically generates, audits and maintains a 

rich link profile that is relevant to your industry.

✓ We write relevant articles with targeted keywords and will

add them to webpages on your site to optimize search results for your business.


Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important?


  • More than 80% of consumers research online before booking or buying.

  • Nearly 92% of organic (FREE) clicks to sites come from Google's page 1 results. 

  • Organic SEO traffic is the largest form of traffic to a website and SEO directly impacts this.

  • Good SEO practices improve the user experience and usability of a website, which leads to higher conversions.

  • SEO helps make your Google My Business Listing more visible.

  • SEO impacts Voice Search, enhances Mobile Rankings and helps your business dominate the competition!

What does SEO consist of?

SEO 3 Main Things


This ensures your website is visible to Search Engines and they can crawl and index your website.


This ensures your site is Search Engine friendly and includes various components such as Titles, Schema, Content, H1's, Architecture and more. They get optimized with a focus on your main keywords and geographies.


This consists of activities such as targeted link building, which is done to enhance the relevance and reputation of your site to help it gain credibility and higher rankings.

Frequently asked questions

How does this service work?

When you sign up, we will install a file and small line of code on your website to get your site in the SEO Network. We'll create new content for each of your selected keywords and publish highly targeted, relevant links that point back to your site's driving domain authority and search engine rankings.

How do you know about my practice enough to write articles?

We don't! But we will research your company, industry, product and services to get the most comprehensive understanding of your Practice before writing and publishing any content. Having a know-it-all attitude to SEO is dangerous. We write each article for your target audience, who may or may not know anything about your practice. In any case, you will have control over this content through your SEO panel login.

When will I see results?

As with any SEO program, this depends on several factors. Typically, we will produce movement in the first 30 days and most websites will see first page results in 60-120 days from the start date. With that said, many customers have seen first page results in the first 30 days while others have only had to wait 6 months for first page rankings for extremely competitive keywords.

Do you need to access to my website?

Not necessarily. Most of our customers will enter their FTP and/or Admin login credentials through their SEO Panel and let us handle all the technical work. However, you can also download your own network file and code directly through the SEO Panel and install the code yourself.

Do I pick my keywords?

Yes. You will have final say over your keywords but we are available to help you select the best keywords by getting data directly from Google and consulting with you on which keywords will be the best targets for the fastest return on your investment.

What are links?

Links are references from one webpage to another webpage. When clicked, a link will take you to the target URL in your browser. From a search engine point-of-view, links are like votes. When you get a link from a personal blog, it's like a vote for whichever page the link points to. When you get a link from highly authoritative pages related to your industry, it's like getting a super delegate to vote for you. Each of the links we build are like super delegate votes, each worth more than hundreds or thousands of less authoritative links.

Does this service include onsite programming?

Yes. There is a small amount of on-site programming up-front to get you on the Network. From there, the on-site programming is automatically implemented with content and code. Sites with code issues will receive recommendations and fixes as problems are discovered.

Where can I see my reports?

You will be able to view your report through Business Center once the product is active.

What happens if I cancel?

Upon cancellation: - All content will be removed. - All links will be removed or set to no follow (will not pass link authority). - The plug-in remains on the site, unless manually removed.

Let's work together

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